How can a non-programmer get into Blockchain development in Ethereum?

If you are willing to start a career in the field of Blockchain development in Ethereum but have no prior experience in the programming and coding space. Then, you need to invest in a step-by-step learning process regarding the Blockchain concept. To be clear, it will not be a smooth process, but with time you’ll get there. So without any further delay, let us learn steps on how to become a Blockchain developer without any prior knowledge.

Table of contents

  • Get involved in the Blockchain space.

Get Involved in the Blockchain Space

The origin of Blockchain technology is linked with Bitcoin, meaning because of Bitcoin, Blockchain technology exists. The concept of Bitcoin trading is considered the best example of Blockchain technology. However, its applications are not limited just to Bitcoin.

For an aspiring Blockchain developer, it is advisable that he gets familiar with Blockchain-based applications, and involving in Cryptocurrency and digital wallets seems like the best option.

Apart from this, being updated with the Blockchain news and latest advancement is a great approach. For this, you can check out the Coindesk news portal, Cryptocurrency blogs, and vlogs on YouTube. Any involvement will aid your advantage.

  • Learn About the Ethereum Blockchain Platform

For becoming an Ethereum Blockchain developer, you must be aware of the workings of the Ethereum Blockchain platform. Ethereum is an open-source and decentralized smart contracts platform. The efficient smart contract functionality which builds Dapps on its network has made Ethereum the most actively engaged Blockchain platform.

Currently, the platform uses Proof-of-Work (POW) as its consensus mechanism; However, it is planning to replace that with Proof-of-Stake (PoS) because POW consumes high energy. Ethereum has its cryptocurrency token known as Ether, which is among the top cryptocurrencies in the world.

  • Learn Different Programming Languages

To create applications on Ethereum Blockchain, developers need to formulate smart contracts and front-end ( deals with user-interface). These two components are essential to developing a decentralized application.

To achieve this, having a grip on different programming languages is vital. It would help if you were compatible in working with these languages. Some of the required languages you should opt for are C++, SQL, Python, and JavaScript. Take time to learn these languages from the core.

  • Attend Blockchain Developer Training Courses

If you want to gain expertise in the field and learn marketable skills, the best way is to take a Blockchain developer training course from a credible source.

Blockchain Training courses have been developed for individuals who want to participate in the worldwide craze surrounding Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

In such training programs, you will learn

the core technical mechanisms and structure of Ethereum and platforms like Hyperledger and other multichain Blockchain platforms.

You will be introduced to the latest tools to develop Blockchain applications, helping you set up a private Blockchain network, implement smart contracts on the platform and gain practical experience with real-life processes.

Closing Thoughts

This article shares all the essential steps you need in order to become a Blockchain developer or any other Blockchain-based professional. Blockchain can be mastered with consistent practice and learning over time. This way, you can become an expert in the Blockchain space without any prior experience.

Learn more about Blockchain technology, concept, structure, networks, and many more at the Blockchain Council. The platform provides you with various courses on the subject. You can also enroll in Blockchain certifications programs to become a certified Blockchain professional.



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