What roles do startups play in the development of the crypto and Web 3.0 space?

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4 min readFeb 11, 2022

As per the global blockchain expert team, the technology has the potential to push the growth of whole new creative industries. Aside from changing the traditional financial landscape, it is driving the adoption of a new generation of the internet: Web 3.0. Further, the professionals with deep crypto and blockchain education claim that web 3.0 can accelerate decentralized business model productions. Hence, it benefits not only finance and legal areas but also music, art, and other entertainment industries.

What roles do startups play in the development of the crypto and Web 3.0 space?

Also, experts deem that block chain and crypto based startups can play a unique role in leading the space to grow further. So, let us explore the reasoning behind this belief of experts.

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  • Roles of startups in crypto and web 3.0 development
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Crypto and web 3.0

Web 3.0 comes with innovative use cases in the area of crypto and blockchain. In fact, instead of operating over a centralized system, web 3.0 will leverage blockchain technology to run its framework. Crypto advisor state that web 3.0 can enable business leaders to close their financial deals online using crypto wallets linked with their digital accounts. Moreover, the design and structure of web 3.0 can provide a more personalized and secure user experience.

Further, the market circulation of web 3.0 tokens seems to be more stable than any other cryptocurrency available. Cryptocurrency expert professionals say that the upgraded version of the internet will enable crypto transactions directly over an internet connection. Hence, we’ll be able to pay in crypto without needing to maintain a separate blockchain app. It will bring immense convenience to users.

Roles of startups in crypto and web 3.0 development

At Atlanta

Panoramic, a southeast startup in Atlanta, has been investing in blockchain-based innovations, including NFT and web 3, for the past few months now. In fact, most of the southeast startups have been actively supporting the development of this area.

Moreover, many fintech firms in Atlanta have been putting the groundwork in the establishments of crypto-based companies. A few popular ones are Bakkt and BitPay.

Additionally, one of the startup school graduates raised an incredible amount of 700k USD in order to assist in crypto firms’ bookkeeping. And, GigLabs, an NFT startup in the area, raised 4.5 million USD to enable companies to put their footings in the space of NFT. These startups are playing a huge role in the wide adoption of crypto as well as web 3 across the southeast regions.

Due to the great blend of creativity, culture, and commerce, Atlanta brings a massive advantage for web 3. It is because web 3 can open up new models for business and media for internet-powered businesses. Also, the place is a booming hub for great musicians and artists.

Here, the cryptocurrency expert team states that the prevalence of such a level of creativity has a high potential to catch up with NFT space. Hence, buying and selling valuable NFTs with crypto over the web 3 network can be a possibility here. We can connect web 3 with NFTs and crypto and witness a thriving interconnection of technologies of the future.

At North Carolina

The place recently announced a regulatory sandbox program that supports blockchain service-based companies and entrepreneurs. Hence, it offers a safe place for companies to experiment with different blockchain advancements. Global crypto advisors believe that this initiative can benefit insurtech and fintech areas.

North Carolina makes up a perfect place to establish crypto and blockchain startups. It is because North Carolina has several well-recognized research universities. Hence, the chances of involvement of highly-qualified tech professionals in the development of web 3 and crypto services are more. Hence, we can expect experiments on crypto trading across web 3 networks by tech experts to test its efficiency.

Aside from this, the tech industries of Miami and Tampa are also emerging as hubs for scaling up blockchain and cryptocurrency ventures.

Closing Thoughts

Most industry experts believe that blockchain-based startups can be the backbone of crypto and web 3 enhancement. Undoubtedly, blockchain-powered startups can promote the tremendous potential of crypto and web 3; this shift will take time. Hoping to change the entire traditional industries within a few months is impossible. Furthermore, pre-established security mechanisms, compliance controls, and legacy frameworks are incompatible with such advanced operating systems. Hence, proper adoption of these enhanced technologies will take a few more years from now.

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